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Combawa bark

Use: pastries, infusions, white meats, fish.

Origin: Madagascar.

Price: 20.00/100g.

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Combawa (also known as cumbava, cumbaba, makrut, citron combera, lime kaffir) is a citrus fruit whose name comes from ancient nautical charts where an Indonesian island to the east of Bali, in the Molucca Sea, is referred to as "Sumbawa". It is native to these islands. This is the name of the tree (Citrus hystrix) and its fruit. It belongs to the Rutaceae family. It was introduced to the Indian Ocean, in Mauritius, by Pierre Poivre at the end of the 18th century. Combava has a very intense aroma, reminiscent of lemongrass. The fruit or leaf is used mainly in Réunion, Comoros, Madagascar and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.). It enhances the taste of many dishes, such as tomato rougails or chili sauces. The juice is used to make a thirst-quenching drink.

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