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Khmer Red Curry

Ingredients: lemongrass, sweet long red pepper, turmeric, garlic, roucou, long red pepper, fleur de sel, spices.

Use: mildly spicy, with lemony, herbal notes, for use as is or with coconut milk

Origin: Kampot, Cambodia.

Price: 18.00/100g.

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The term tajine, or tagine , (in Berber, tajin), designates, on the one hand, a traditional Maghreb cooking utensil, a hollow terracotta baking dish, sometimes glazed, topped with a conical lid , and on the other hand, a North-West African culinary preparation cooked in this utensil, a kind of stewed stew, which may be composed of a mixture of meat, poultry or fish, vegetables or fruit and spices. The preparation of tagine, and the ingredients and spices used, vary from region to region and from country to country.

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