Baies sauvages des cimes de Lai Chau dites "Forest Pepper" View larger

Makh Khen Wild Berries

Brief, delicate spiciness, followed by exotic fruit and angelica aromas.

Use: meats, fatty fish, soups, steamed vegetables, goat's cheese, red fruit, pineapple, citrus and chocolate.

Origin: Lai Chau, Vietnam

Price: 24.00/100 g.

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Avoid cooking it, use it at the last minute with a fine grind.

Lai Chau is a province in northern Vietnam. This false pepper (zanthoxylum rhetsa) is harvested from a tree that grows spontaneously in mountain ranges. It's called "peak pepper", not because it grows in the mountains, but because it's found in the treetops. It's a close relative of Chinese Sichuan and Nepalese Timut, but much finer, more elegant and easier to use. Nor does it have the anaesthetic effect of Sichuan.

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